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One of the most effective methods to interact with employees, customers, and partners is through digital signage software. In comparison to print media, digital signage offers new levels of freedom in terms of developing and maintaining content, resulting in cheaper costs and a higher ROI. As a result, digital signage software has grown in popularity in recent years. And, with so many possibilities, it’s difficult to select the best choice. This article will analyze the top digital signage software in 2022 and beyond to assist you navigate the digital signage world.

Finding a digital signage solution is essential if you are a business owner or marketing manager. In the previous month, 70% of Americans aged 12 and above saw a digital video display in a public place. That is a sizable audience that you should make the most of. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the greatest digital signage software packages available to assist you in making the most of your digital displays. Whatever your requirements are, there is a solution for you.


Sky Media

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5776-D Lindero Cyn Rd #182 Westlake Village, CA 91362 USAWe are in Westlake village, about 45 minutes from Los Angeles.
CONTACT DETAILS+1.805.372.1346

Because their platform is based on GPU processing, you can anticipate the same beautiful, fluid experience that your audience has come to expect from any native iPad or Android app. Your kiosk solution is also future-proof because they support all of your favorite platforms, including Windows, iPad, and Android.

Typically, digital signage is intended to inform or advertise. Digital signs provide several advantages over static signs, including the ability to update content remotely through the web, adapt the screens to your viewers, and even engage with your local audience. Their program is built on an open source framework that is freely available from the Apache repository. It is a fantastic program that supports all of the most recent web standards, such as HTML5, Flash, HD movies, MRSS, Weather, Live TV, a strong open source software development kit, and much more.


  • Plug-in any size, standard TV screen to your PC
  • Start remote managing all your players (PCs) over the web
  • Use the SignageStudio to build your presentation

2.  Concerto

Vizan Sign

Image Source: Concerto


Concerto is a digital signage system that runs over the Internet. It’s simple to engage your community with graphical, video, and textual communications when you use Concerto. These messages can originate from approved user submissions or automatically from anywhere on the Internet.

Concerto allows you to highlight one sort of message among a large pool of other messages. Concerto messages are structured into feed categories that can be mixed and matched differently on each individual Concerto display to suit to specific locales and audiences.

Concerto can theoretically be displayed on any device that can connect to the Internet because it exists on the World Wide Web. That implies that your big news can be broadcast on flat-screen televisions, mobile phones, personal screensavers, and other websites.

The Concerto concept is ideal for grassroots communication. Because the program is completely open source, you can use and deploy it for free. Because of the low hardware costs and the flexible architecture of Concerto, many different organizations (with varying budgets) can contribute to the expansion of your Concerto network.


  • Emphasize One or More. Incorporate All
  • Make it Memorable. Put it Everywhere
  • Cut the Costs. Grow Your Network Organically

3.  TelemetryTV

Image Source: TelemetryTV


TelemetryTV’s cloud-based digital signage content management system is designed to scale quickly while remaining compliant. TelemetryTV’s cloud-based digital signage content management system is designed to scale quickly while adhering to compliance standards.


  • Leverage Our Powerful API
  • Multiple Orientations
  • Interact With Your Audiences
  • Stunning Video Walls

Customer Review

“The team at TTV are second to none and I have so rarely encountered a group of folks that were so committed to my success. They’re a pleasure to work with and they make my screens look sexy and me look really smart. – Angel Urena”

4.  Viewneo

Best View Media

Image Source: Viewneo

ADDRESSBlueEdge 54 West 39th Street 16th Fl New York, NY 10018 USA

With viewneo, you can get started on your digital signage project almost immediately. There is no complicated software, and a simple system means spending less time learning and more time accomplishing. Starter packages include everything you need to set up and operate your own television channel. viewneo is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. A beverages menu is displayed on a screen in front of a digital signage player.

Viewneo is the preferred digital signage system for small and large businesses all over the world. The modular architecture allows you to select which components are appropriate for your company. It’s simple to mix and match capabilities, and you only pay for the ones you utilize. Furthermore, this structure facilitates central control and management of even the most complicated projects.

Conventional digital signage demonstrates its limitations when establishing a Smart Store or presenting dazzling multimedia presentations in museums. This necessitates the use of third-party systems, which are both sophisticated and costly. With their unique sensors and IoT gateways, viewneo provides a solution. With smart hangers, RFID, and facial recognition technologies, viewneo is the only firm that provides a comprehensive solution hardware and software that function in tandem.


  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Digital signage with artificial intelligence
  • Quick and easy entry into digital signage

5.  Yodeck


Image Source: Yodeck

ADDRESSFlipnode LLC 315 Montgomery St. 9th Floor, San Francisco CA 94104

Yodeck is both inexpensive and user-friendly, so their customers can have their material up and running on their screens in minutes. Because it is cloud-based, all content and screen management is done remotely, making it simple to control and update screens in multiple places.

Yodeck makes digital signage simple, professional, and successful regardless of the industry or sector in which your company or group operates. Yodeck is for you if you want to engage your clients, employees, students, or visitors with content that has an impact and conveys your message.


  • Show Your Media on Screen in Seconds
  • Easy Scheduling & Screen Management
  • Extreme Security & Reliability

6.  Screenly OSE

Image Source: Screenly OSE


With a Screenly Player, a smartphone-sized media player with a tiny 3-watt power demand, you can turn any modern TV or monitor into a digital sign. Simply log in to your account and connect your player, and you’re ready to go.

Screenly makes it simple to manage your content across your digital signs. Make playlists of various content types and schedule them to run on single or multiple digital signs. You may arrange digital signs and easily manage when and where Screenly displays your material.

Their simple online platform allows you to manage all of your digital signs. In just a few clicks, you can examine the location and status of each of your digital signage, as well as what material is playing. In addition, they automatically update their screen management software, so you can be confident that your digital signage will remain reliable and safe.


  • Bulletproof Security
  • Pre-built or DIY media player
  • Content in the Cloud
  • Multi-user Support

7.  OnSign TV

Image Source: OnSign TV


The OnSign TV platform is cloud-based. All you need is a web browser to get started. Their servers are secure, scalable, and built with complete redundancy, ensuring that your screens never go down! To display the content on your screens, you’ll need a small computer, also known as a Player. OnSign TV has the market’s most extensive list of compatible gear!

Although they do not sell hardware, they do offer complete support in determining what will work best for your project. Rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all solution, they allow you to select the gear that best meets your needs.

Customer Review

“We chose OnSign TV initially because they had all of the tools that we needed for our unique DS applications at a cost that didn’t break the budget. They’ve steadily rolled out amazing new functions and features, yet managed to keep their design interface one of the most intuitive that I have come across among all competitors. – Joel DeFauw Owner, Captive Visual Marketing LLC”

8.  OptiSigns

Koo Digital Signage

Image Source: OptiSigns

ADDRESS7676 Hillmont Street, 290N, Houston, TX 77040

Real-time visibility into your content playback Schedule reports to be delivered to your inbox. Reports can be sliced and diced, or exported as data to create your own. Gain insight into your audience and change/display relevant material in real time.

OptiSigns accepts a variety of image, audio, and video formats, including jpg, png, gif, bmp, mp4, pdf, ppt, pptx, Google Docs, and others. Bring your screens to life with weather, traffic maps, and world clock apps, or advertise your business with social apps like Instagram, Twitter, Google reviews, and so on.

Customer Review

Extremely affordable and easy to set up and use. – Scott W., Owner”

9.  Novisign

Image Source: Novisign


They specialize in digital signage software. NoviSign digital signage software will help you improve the way you visually communicate, from entire support to simple setup. Design and remotely control your digital signage content using their digital signage online Studio. You may add slideshows, information, Live TV, scrolling news, weather, social media feeds, event listings, HD movies, and more by dragging and dropping widgets.

Partner with NoviSign digital signage to power your network’s digital advertising displays, often known as DOOH (digital out of home) or OOH (out of house). They can assist you with everything from customized pricing to industry-leading ad-exchange integrations!

Since 2011, NoviSign has successfully installed digital signs in over 20,000 businesses and organizations on five continents. They constantly release new digital signage features, widgets, apps, and usability improvements that are always free, with a focus on ease-of-use.


  • A Proven Solution
  • Integrations

10.  ScreenCloud

Image Source: ScreenCloud

ADDRESS4470 W Sunset Blvd #92737, Los Angeles, CA 90027-6302

They assist customers in getting their most critical information in front of the right people at the right time. Because adding an effective “visual layer” to your organization allows you to engage with one another, your consumers, and your larger stakeholders. People who are more connected are more productive and engaged. This results in increased revenue, cost savings, and enhanced compliance.

They’ve always believed that clients require useful software that enhances the way they work. Others may place more emphasis on selling hardware with software as an afterthought, but they humbly argue that those folks are simply mistaken.

They value collaboration, diversity, and respect in their offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. They understand that the more perspectives they have, the more powerful they become. They also understand how difficult it is to collaborate across geographies and time zones. They are striving to be the best they can be and to be an employer that everyone can be proud of.


  • Set up on any hardware
  • Secure and simple content management

That brings us to the end of our list of the best digital signage in USA! Have you already determined the service you want? If so, describe your choice as well as the qualities of their services that you value.

Before you finalize your digital signage ideas, it would be useful to chat with an advertising specialist from one of United States’s top advertising organizations. Making the most of your exposure is feasible with a little forethought!

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