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The Best 10 Stock Trading Platform Providers in UK

To trade or invest in stocks and shares in the United Kingdom, as well as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, or an investment trust, you must first open an online trading account. Choosing the best online broker for you is therefore an important decision — and not always an easy one. Each share trading platform has its own set of fees while also providing a variety of investment options, trading tools, education, and market research.

Our list prioritizes platforms that provide excellent customer service, simple navigation, transparent pricing and commission structures, and portfolio-creation features. Some also have live demo accounts that you can use to get the hang of things and require a very low minimum-starting account balance.

1.  Interactive Investor

Image Source: Interactive Investor

interactive investor, 2nd floor, One Embankment, Neville Street, Leeds, LS1 4DW.
CONTACT DETAILS+44 113 346 2309

The ii Trading Account is ideal for investors seeking flexibility and unrestricted investment opportunities. You’ll have access to the market’s most diverse range of investment options, including stocks, funds, trusts, and ETFs. they provide you with the resources you need to become a confident investor, including expert insights delivered directly to your inbox. You can also access your money and trade securely at any time by using their iOS and Android apps.

They provide a secure home for your pensions, ISAs, and investments for a simple, flat monthly fee. They provide over 40,000 UK and international investment options, such as shares, funds, trusts, and ETFs. they also provide unbiased, expert content from their award-winning financial journalists, a highly engaged investor community, and daily newsletters and insights.


  • Their low, flat fees don’t grow with your investments – so more of your money stays invested.
  • You could be up to £45k better off over 30 years when you keep a Trading Account and Stocks and Shares ISA with ii.
  • They offer the widest choice – over 40,000 UK and international investment options, including shares, funds, trusts and ETFs.

2.  InvestEngine

Image Source: InvestEngine

ADDRESSInvestEngine (UK) Limited, Office 327, The Metal Box Factory, 30 Great Guildford Street, London, SE1 0HS

They offer a variety of innovative tools and features to assist you in building and managing your investment portfolio at no additional cost. There’s no need to be concerned about uninvested cash piling up in your portfolio because their AutoInvest feature automatically invests it. Every day, any available cash in your portfolio is invested using the weights you specify. Making sure you don’t miss out on rising markets.

The average ETF charge in their Managed Portfolios service is 0.15% per year in the Growth portfolios. In the Income portfolios, the average ETF charge is 0.25%. These fees are built into the performance of the ETFs, and they are constantly looking for ways to reduce them even further. InvestEngine does not charge any dealing fees and does not profit from ETF costs.


  • Unbeatable value
  • Choice of 500+ ETFs
  • Actionable insights
  • Powerful automation

3.  eToro

Image Source: eToro

ADDRESSeToro (UK) Ltd. 24th floor, One Canada Square Canary Wharf London, E14 5AB United Kingdom

eToro is one of the world’s leading social investment networks, with the goal of changing the way people invest and improving investors’ financial education. eToro has developed a multi-asset investment platform based on social collaboration and investor education, a community for users to connect, share, and learn.

Clients can deposit and withdraw using a variety of payment methods, the most convenient of which is eToro Money, which offers free and instant deposits with no FX conversion fees, as well as instant withdrawals. Wire transfers, bank cards, and other methods are also available. eToro has low minimum deposits and standardized fees.

In contrast to the often lonely feeling of trading online, one of eToro’s key differentiators is the creation of a community of traders and investors. eToro is a thriving online social network of traders who interact, discuss ideas, and share trading decisions and strategies on the social news feed.

4.  Pepperstone

Image Source: Pepperstone

ADDRESSSea Sky Lane, B201 Sandyport, Nassau New Providence, The Bahamas
CONTACT DETAILS+1786 628 1209

They’re by your side for every trade, combining fast execution times, raw spreads, and low commissions with a genuine desire to assist you in reaching your trading objectives. Pepperstone was founded in 2010 and has quickly grown to become one of the world’s largest forex brokers. What is their mission? To build a world of technology-enabled trading in which ambitious traders can embrace the challenge and opportunity of global markets.

They’re honored to have received prestigious awards from Investment Trends, Deloitte, and the Governor of Victoria for their customer service, trading conditions, and exceptional value for money.


  • Value for money
  • MetaTrader 5
  • Confidence and security

5.  Hargreaves Lansdown

Image Source: Hargreaves Lansdown

ADDRESS1 College Square South, Anchor Road, Bristol, BS1 5HL.
CONTACT DETAILS0117 900 9000

Hargreaves Lansdown strives to develop long-term client relationships, so they listen to and respond to their needs, evolving their service and investment solutions to bring them greater prosperity at every stage of their lives. To achieve their mission, they put the client first, becoming their trusted partner and financial champion. Their culture, values, and governance ensure that their clients are at the center of everything they do, resulting in long-term growth that benefits everyone.

They strive to provide an unrivaled and evolving client experience, using it to deepen client relationships and become an increasingly important part of their lives. As a result, they achieve high levels of client retention, satisfaction, and increased use of their services, resulting in net new business flows from both existing and new clients. This serves as the financial growth engine, allowing for reinvestment in the client experience while also generating returns for shareholders and other stakeholders.


  • Put the client first
  • Go the extra mile
  • Do it better
  • Make it easy

6.  Freetrade

Image Source: Freetrade


With over 1 million users, Freetrade is an award-winning investing app. Their mission is to make investing easier and more affordable for everyone. They believe that the investing industry does not serve most current and prospective investors well. Traditional stockbrokers high commissions and clunky products can make it difficult for people to begin investing. Furthermore, business models based on converting investors to high-risk speculative products can engender widespread skepticism. That is why they created Freetrade — to break down barriers and make stock market investing accessible to everyone, as well as to create a stockbroker you can trust. They have a clear and simple freemium pricing model, and they built the technology that powers their award-winning app from the ground up.

They have built their own engineering system called Invest by Freetrade that allows them to execute your trades much cheaper and faster than using third-party solutions in order to offer commission-free trading and an ever-improving feature set on a long-term basis. They control their destiny because they own their technology platform. They are committed to providing fair and transparent pricing on all of their investment products, including their General Investment Account, Stocks and Shares ISA, and Freetrade pension. On the pricing page, you can see all of their charges and fees.


  • Simple investing for everyone
  • Fractional shares
  • ETFs & Investment Trusts

7.  XTB

Image Source: XTB

ADDRESSLevel 9, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, E14 5AA, London, United Kingdom
CONTACT DETAILS+44 2036953085+44 2036953086

They are one of the world’s largest stock exchange-listed FX and CFD brokers, giving retail traders instant access to hundreds of global markets. With nearly 20 years of experience, XTB is one of the world’s largest stock exchange-listed FX & CFD brokers. They have offices in more than 13 countries, including the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, France, and Chile.

XTB strives to provide their clients with the best trading experience possible, and their core values are closely aligned with that vision. In nearly two decades of financial market activity, they have earned the trust of over 495,000 customers worldwide. Your investments are safe with them because they are regulated by some of the world’s most powerful regulatory bodies, including the FCA, KNF, CySEC, and FSC.


  • Innovative platform
  • Safe & Secure
  • Fast & highly qualified support

8.  Wealthyhood

Image Source: Wealthyhood


Investing is unlimited and commission-free. With Wealthyhood fractional shares, you can buy as little as £1 of your favorite stocks or ETFs. Invest only what you can afford and keep your portfolio well-diversified. Simply decide how much and how frequently. Their powerful automation aids in the long-term finetuning and maintenance of your portfolio. Set up monthly top-ups, dynamic rebalancing, and auto-investing with your spare cash.

To get started, you don’t need much money. But if you’re looking for a well-balanced portfolio, a consistent plan, and the right tools, they’ve got some good news for you! Wealthyhood is here to guide you through your investing journey. Early is better for long-term investing! Over time, your monthly investments will add up. And combine! Past results are no guarantee of future results. The chart is only for demonstration purposes. Capital is at stake.


Image Source: DEGIRO

CONTACT DETAILS+31 20 261 3072               

They provide an exceptional combination of an easy-to-use platform and low fees. And they are now a part of Europe’s largest broker. Discover why over two million investors have already placed their trust in them. Investing can be a rewarding experience, but it is not without risk. You may lose (some of) your deposit. DEGIRO is open and transparent about the risks associated with investing. There are several factors to consider before beginning to invest. Consider how much risk you are willing to take and which products are best suited to your needs.

Furthermore, it is not advisable to invest money that you may need in the near future or to enter into positions that may cause financial difficulties. It all starts with deciding what type of investor you want to be. More information about the risks of investing can be found in their Investors Services Information documents or on their dedicated risk page.


  • Award-winning broker
  • Safe and reliable
  • Global markets
  • Unprecedented low rates

10.  Saxo Markets

Image Source: Saxo Markets

ADDRESS3 Church St, #30-00 Samsung Hub, Singapore 049483
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6303 7800

They help you get the most out of your money, whether you want to grow it slowly in low-risk assets or quickly profit from short-term price movements. Create your ideal portfolio and put your strategy into action with the help of platform tools. For you, they source the best products on the market. As an independent provider of these services, they can provide unbiased assistance to help you achieve your objectives, not theirs.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has granted Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd (Saxo Markets) a capital markets services licence. Your funds will be protected to the same extent as required by applicable regulations in your jurisdiction.

Their technology connects businesses of all sizes to global exchanges. Their capital markets solutions are used by banks, brokers, financial advisors, fintechs, and other partners to provide trading and investment services to their clients.


  • Self-managed trading & investing
  • Asset management
  • Expert insights

That brings us to the end of our list of the best stock trading platform in the United Kingdom! Have you made a decision on the service you want? If you answered yes, please explain your decision and the features of their services that you value.

Speak with an advertising consultant from one of the United Kingdom’s leading advertising agencies before finalizing your stock trading platform ideas. With a little planning, you can maximize your visibility!

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