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Something about British interior design style has fascinated the world for decades. It is held in high regard for being distinct, effortless, and influential, because attempts to imitate British style are common in fashion, music, and interior design. 

Discover our list of the top British interior designers the UK.

1.  Echlin

Image Source: Echlin

91 Wimpole Street London W1G 0EF 
CONTACT DETAILS+44 (0) 20 7349

Echlin was built on the ideas of wellbeing and craftsmanship to provide a multidisciplinary approach to spatial design and development. They are committed to developing environments that innovate and inspire by investigating the interaction between the project and its surroundings.

Each project is considered as an individual and given its own personality, communicating its story through a distinct but unified design. They provide architecture, design, and project management services to client projects in addition to working on their own development projects.

They handle all aspect of design-led developments, from acquisition through marketing and, finally, sale and occupation. Recognizing that each project is unique, they adopt a tailored approach to create a well-thought-out development management system that responds to the particular problems of each project while remaining focused on project success.

2.  Yellow London

Image Source: Yellow London

ADDRESSUnit 104 Worlds End Studios 132-134 Lots Road London SW10 0RJ

Cath Beckett and Liv Wallers own the British Interior Design Studio Yellow London. They formerly worked together for one of London’s leading interior designers and have a combined 16 years of expertise in the industry. Cath and Liv are both passionate in creating one-of-a-kind designs for each project based on color, texture, and functionality. 

They take pleasure in their ability to collaborate to develop an aesthetic that complements both the building and the client, whether they are classic or contemporary. They have considerable experience with high-end residential residences and commercial complexes, and can see a project through from start to finish.

3.  Maddux Creative

Image Source: Maddux Creative

ADDRESSUnit BGN, Bussey Building Copeland Industrial Park 133 Copeland Road London SE15 3SN
CONTACT DETAILS+44 (0)20 8265 8153

Their never-ending passions with art, travel, architecture, fashion, history, and craft inspire and inform our curated environments. Many of the world’s most prestigious interior design periodicals have highlighted Maddux Creative projects. They are a Top 100 interiors and product design firm according to House & Garden.

Their work is a design alchemy A complex tapestry of form and texture. A colorful party. They are ecstatic to have been named House & Gardens and Homes & Gardens Interior Designer of the Year 2022. They’d like to thank the editorial teams who have so far supported and shared their vision.

4.  Elicyon

Image Source: Elicyon

ADDRESSFirst Floor, Avon House, Avonmore Road, London, W14 8TS
CONTACT DETAILS+44 (0) 20 3772 0011

They are always collaborating with the finest artisans in the UK manufacturing field, with an enormous attention to minutiae and ardor for the discipline towards some of the world’s most extraordinary settings. Their network of furniture makers routinely lends them their skills, working holistically from idea to installation, devoting the entirety of their efforts – and the competence behind their fine craftsmanship – regardless of scale or scope.

Raising the bar in textile creativity, they source handcrafted items from leading techniques and embroidery artists all over the world, resulting in exceptional personalized products for their client. They offer thoughtful, creative, and sophisticated décor that is imbued with a repose and committed to a focus on utility and comfort by delving deep into the story behind each project they work on. Working alongside the craftspeople, they design one-of-a-kind soft furniture, frequently in honor of a personal narrative to their clients. Tackling each project with the same ambition and passion as the previous one, the work is thorough, exhibiting a peerless attention to detail and the tactility of the item – ending in a powerful and totally unique artwork.

5.  Nicola Harding

Image Source: Nicola Harding

ADDRESS31 Lonsdale Road, Queens Park, NW6 6RA
CONTACT DETAILS020 8743 6690

Their goal is to create spaces with a strong sense of atmosphere, places that enchant and connect people, and places where they rapidly feel at ease. They believe that the process of a project is just as essential as the end result, and they strive to make the trip rewarding and pleasurable for their clients. To improve a sense of location, they delve into a building’s past. Understanding a scheme’s vernacular, the subtle vocabulary unique to a place, period, and region, serves as the foundation and assures its integrity. This thoughtful, compassionate approach creates a sense of belonging. Once the scheme’s silent language is established, the place feels like it makes sense on a subliminal level.

Their values drive what they do and how they do it. Everything they buy has a story, from the fabrics and furnishings to the art, found artifacts, and handmade pieces by local artisans. From procurement to paperwork, their standards are high. Their service is completely customized to the specific needs of each project and client. At any one time, repeat clients account for at least half of their work. All new work is generated via word of mouth. Understanding and addressing their clients needs is critical to them.

‘It’s about giving people a sense of place. Achieving that peculiar alchemy that makes a house someone’s home.’ Nicola Harding

6.  Studio Peake

Image Source: Studio Peake

ADDRESSNew Kings House 136-144 New Kings Road London SW6 4LZ
CONTACT DETAILS020 7736 7409

Studio Peake is a London-based interior design firm that specializes in designing creative and highly customized interiors for individual residences and boutique commercial projects. The studio’s overarching aesthetic is the merging of tradition and imagination, as led by founder and creative director Sarah Peake. Bringing places to life entails a playful juxtaposition of opposites and an interplay of old and modern – a splash of unexpected color or detailing; that element of surprise.

Sarah and her team handle each project holistically, providing a full range of interior services such as interior architectural design, decoration, and art consultation. The firm takes pride in delivering beautiful, unique furniture to each project and collaborates with a variety of workshops in the UK to create one-of-a-kind items that stand out while also fitting in with the rest of the plan.

What distinguishes a ‘house’ from a ‘home’ is whether the interiors absorb and reflect the personality and lived experience of its inhabitants they must also operate as functional places. Sarah and her team work hard to get to know their clients and how they intend to use the space now and in the future in order to create a beautiful, timeless home.

7.  Covet Noir

Image Source: Covet Noir

ADDRESSUnit 13, 92 Lots Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 0QD
CONTACT DETAILS+44 20 3457 6596

Covet Noir is a Chelsea-based interior design firm recognized for its classic style. Covet Noir was founded by co-founders Maria Lindgren and Adele Lonergan out of their mutual interest of merging modern and vintage objects to create interiors with personality. After years of collaboration on projects in London and New York, the pair launched Covet Noir in 2018. The firm takes pride in creating rooms that are not only attractive but also functional for their clients. Covet Noir is proud of the ties they build with its clients and strongly believes in being open and truthful. A good rapport with clients is essential for a successful project.

Covet Noir walks their clients through the process from start to finish, making sure that they not only grasp their client’s brief but also learn how they live. This enables them to create designs that are ideally matched to their clients’ lifestyles. This tremendous emphasis on relationship building extends to the entire staff. To produce bespoke features that elevate its ideas, the studio is assisted by a trusted group of contractors and craftspeople.

8.  Nune

Image Source: Nune

CONTACT DETAILSSheena @ nunenune.comtor @

Nune is a small design studio with offices in both New York and London that works on individual houses, commercial spaces, and staging projects all over the world. They are motivated by the basic conviction that smart design contributes to happiness. They strive to create welcoming environments, whether in someone’s home, a hotel room, or a coffee shop. They collaborate with their clients, architects, construction teams, craftspeople, artists, and designers to create places that make people happy.

They design with the environment and human health in mind, and they seek to encourage small firms doing fascinating work and to collaborate with nice people. Nune (previously sheep + stone) was launched in 2014 by Sheena Murphy. a Brit who lived in New York, Seattle, and Bangalore, India for 12 years before returning to London in 2018. Her previous experience was in business before pursuing a graduate degree in interior design at Parsons in New York. She went on to work for a number of designers and architects, including integrated architecture + design, on private houses and hospitality projects such as the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.

9.  Studio Duggan

Image Source: Studio Duggan

ADDRESS99 Golborne Road London W10 5NL
CONTACT (0)20 3642 3120

TROVE by Studio Duggan, the Studio’s first homewares line, debuted in 2019. TROVE, which makes its debut with a bedroom collection, epitomizes Studio Duggan’s signature design, with a nomadic yet timeless aesthetic and an emphasis on quality, workmanship, and the never-ending search for the remarkable and beautiful.

Studio Duggan is a renowned design firm that creates unique and well-thought-out interiors for high-end residential and boutique commercial projects. Studio Duggan has quickly gained an international reputation for its highly crafted and dynamic projects, complimented by a comprehensive and personal design service, and has been listed by House & Garden in their eponymous list of the Top 100 Designers, as well as Country and Townhouse’s ‘Finest 50.’

Over the last few years, Studio Duggan has worked on a wide range of projects, including a family retreat in Provence, a sympathetic restoration of a gothic country pile in Hertfordshire, a full refurbishment and reinstatement of two adjoining Georgian properties in Hampstead (previously PM William Pitt’s old stable block), a Notting Hill bachelor pad, a historic Georgian townhouse in Kensington, a contemporary lake-house in Munich, and a Grade II listed, The Studio’s work has appeared in magazines such as House & Garden, Livingetc, You magazine, 25 Beautiful Homes, Homes & Gardens, Beautiful Kitchens, and The Telegraph. In 2021, Studio Duggan was also awarded the coveted Homes & Gardens Design Award for ‘Best Kitchen Design.’

10.  Studio Iro

Image Source: Studio Iro

CONTACT DETAILSLucy@studioiro.co07525257807

Lucy Currell, the creative director and creator of Studio Iro, is an interior design firm. Studio Iro designs distinctive rooms with modest personality. Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi, which emphasizes finding beauty in imperfection, Lucy combines her love of modernist furniture, contemporary art, and antiques to create distinctively diverse environments. She collaborates with artists and antique dealers to find one-of-a-kind, historically significant objects.

Lucy earned her bachelor’s degree in interior design from the New York School of Interior Design and worked as a lead designer at the interior design and development firm ASH NYC. Her exposure to the design scenes in both London and New York has allowed her work to acquire a creative depth and an inventive, varied style.

That concludes our list of the top interior designs in the United Kingdom! Have you decided on the service you want? If yes, explain your decision as well as the aspects of their services that you value. 

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