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Singapore Best 10 Power Trip Repairs

The Best 10 Power Trip Repairs Providers in Singapore

Have you been having blackouts or flickering lights at home? It’s most likely due to a power trip produced by a circuit overload, low supply voltage, or power disruptions. Whatever the case may be, you’ll require the services of a professional that can give the best power trip repair in Singapore.

Any electrical problem, particularly a power outage, necessitates the use of certified personnel. Here are some of the top-recommended specialists in Singapore who provide the best power trip repairs to assist you identify knowledgeable and dependable pros to engage. We chose those that can meet both home and business electrical needs. See our list below for more information about their locations and rates!


Sky Media

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ADDRESS61 Ubi Road 1, #01-25, Oxley BizHub, Singapore 408727
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9070 6060
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sat 9am to 8pm is a Singapore-based firm that offers low-cost repair, maintenance, and installation services to homeowners and businesses. They offer a number of service teams and cars lead by courteous, knowledgeable, and well-mannered technicians, so you can count on them for dependable and consistent service.

Their organization is adaptable and can handle requests of all sizes. You can count on them to get the work done well, whether it’s repairing a single power socket outlet or completely rewiring a huge home. Their services are intended to be inexpensive and accessible to all consumers, large and small.

They are proud to inform that they have received accolades and recognition from prominent organizations such as SingSaver, Best in Singapore, and others. They are dedicated to offering excellent products and services to their consumers.

  1.  SG One Stop Services & Repair Solution

Vizan Sign

Image Source: SG One Stop Services & Repair Solution

25 Woodlands Industrial Park E1, #04-02, Singapore 757743
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9111 6271
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 9am-9pm

Experienced and dependable handyman capable of handling major electrical services such as wiring, lighting, sockets, water heaters, and many more. They take care of your difficulties, and your home’s safety is their top priority.


  • Installing television
  • Light installation
  • Electric wiring
  1.  Local Service

Image Source: Local Service

ADDRESSBlock 292B, SkyPeak Bukit Batok East Avenue 6, #16-228, Singapore 652292
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9653 7917

They are currently Singapore’s most innovative and fastest-growing local service company, and they believe that this is an excellent avenue for both new and well-established businesses and service providers to further develop their clientele, as well as for customers looking for trustworthy and efficient services to find what they need. They are dedicated to offering first-rate services in a wide range of categories and service aspects, including air conditioning and wiring, as well as home and office restoration and refurbishing.

They intend to orchestrate a revolutionary and inventive method of offering and delivering services within Singapore’s borders. With their strong logistical approach and networking capabilities, they can source service providers in many states, cities, and regions around the country, and they are confident that they will be able to meet your service needs.

  1.  Everyworks Singapore

Best View Media

Image Source: Everyworks Singapore

ADDRESS1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07, Singapore 169201
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 9am-9pm daily

Their electricians have over 35 years of industry expertise and have serviced 1000s of residential and business estates. Their comprehensive electrical service is intended to be hassle-free for you. Aside from supplying the electrical service, they can also supply the necessary lighting, power sockets, and bulbs! Their electricians provide a wide range of electrical services, including the installation of lights, switches, sockets, electrical wiring, power trip/failure repair, and more. Each service is performed with meticulous care.

Everyworks has a chosen list of licensed and dependable professionals from reputed Singapore home repair firms. They also collaborate with licensed and legitimate partners to value-add their services in order to provide you with a comprehensive solution to your home services needs.


  • One-Stop Convenience
  • Seamless Booking
  • Strong Customer Support

Customer Review

Prompt reply by their CS Mr Glenn who has been helpful in finding the electrician for us. The electrician Sakthi came on time, polite and knows his work well.”

  1.  Daylight Electrician


Image Source: Daylight Electrician

ADDRESS1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07J, Singapore 169201
CONTACT DETAILS+65 8241 0032
OPERATING HOURS9:00am-9:00pm daily

Power outages at home or at work can be quite inconvenient. Having problems with an electrical system or being unable to pick which electrical installation is ideal for you is also a problem. Whatever your electrical issue is, wouldn’t you prefer to have the greatest electrician in Singapore on your side? Daylight Electrician was founded to deliver dependable electrician services anywhere you need them. They will assist you with end-to-end electrical services that go beyond the issue, whether it is a power failure, power trip, or electrical wiring. They make certain that the solutions they offer are both reasonable and protected by their 30-day service warranty.

Daylight Electrician is a firm founded with the promise of constantly providing superior electrical services in Singapore to residential and commercial clients. Not only are they professional in all of their transactions, but they also excel at providing their clients with confidence and peace of mind when the project is completed. Call them now if you need new electrical systems, electrical panels, or appliances with sophisticated electrical wiring. You’ll be pleased you did.


  • Transparency to their clients
  • EMA Licensed Electrician
  • Fast Response & Always Available
  1.  S Power

Image Source: S Power

ADDRESS15 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Win 5 #08-18, Singapore 768091
CONTACT DETAILS+65 8383 6111
OPERATING HOURS9:00am-9:00pm daily

Spower Electrician Singapore offers high-quality Electrical Distribution Board, Electrical Wiring, and Power Point / Socket installation, as well as Electrical Switches. Ceiling fans, lights, and an electric water heater. They endeavor to improve your experience by providing exceptional services in Electrical Distribution Board, Electrical Wiring and Power Point / Socket installation, Electrical Switches. Ceiling fans, lights, and an electric water heater. Their primary goal as a dependable and competent service provider is to give their customers with the finest quality services available.

Spower Electrician Singapore specializes in the installation of Electrical Distribution Boards, Electrical Wiring and Power Point / Sockets, Electrical switches, Ceiling Fans, Electrical water heaters, and Doorbells. They are dedicated to offering the greatest quality services while maintaining the highest degree of safety and customer service.

  1.  CWC Electrical Engineering Service

Image Source: CWC Electrical Engineering Service

ADDRESS8 Burn Road, #08-02/03 Trivex, Singapore 369977
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9858 7555
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 9am-9pm daily

Fixing power failures, power tripping, electrical engineering works, electrical testing, blackout, new wiring, short circuit, rewiring, and electrical extension are also among their specialties. All electrical work must be performed or completed by a licensed electrical professional. New wiring, rewiring, and extensions are examples of electrical work that must be tested before the power is switched on. If the electrical work is not done by a licensed electrician, there will be a power outage. When a consumer has electrical work done at his or her home, he or she should ensure that the electrician he or she wishes to hire has a valid electrical worker licence issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA).

CWC also provides Service & Maintenance Agreements for MCST, businesses, and Singapore town councils. CWC qualified electricians have years of expertise managing contractual projects including any type of electrical work. No power outage, electrical project, or emergency is too large or little for their electricians. With their staff of highly skilled and experienced licensed electricians, they are constantly on call and ready to fulfill all of your electrical service needs.

  1.  United Electrician

Koo Digital Signage

Image Source: United Electrician

CONTACT DETAILS+65 9047 3688

United Electrician Singapore is well-known in Singapore for its electrical services. They are dependable, responsive, and deliver excellent and licensed electrical works in Singapore, which are backed by a 60-day service warranty. There is a team of trained electricians who have years of real-world expertise and training to help you solve electrical problems on home or commercial electrical projects. Having a quality service that is timely and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is essential.

Customers return to them because they need to witness the quality electrical service they provide and trust the trained and professional electricians they employ. Their van fleet is well-equipped with the necessary tools and materials to provide a one-stop shop for all of your home and commercial electrical services at a higher level of customer service every time.

  1.  1st Electrical Services

Image Source: 1st Electrical Services

ADDRESS8 Lakepoint Drive, #01-45, Singapore 648926
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9848 0111
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday 8am – 10pm

They at 1st Electrical Services take pleasure in providing great and efficient electrical services, as well as a professional attitude to their clients. They can troubleshoot and resolve any of your electrical issues with the correct tools and knowledge. Their team of licensed electricians is on call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and is supported by a huge fleet of vehicles, allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently. From basic repairs to complicated whole-facility wiring, lighting and security installation, 1st Electrical Services is your dependable source for professional electrical services.

They specialize in electrical wiring, power socket installation, lighting installation, electrical installations, electrical repairs, bulb/tube replacement, water heater, plumbing, switchboard repair/replacement, and 24/7 electrician site visits for power outages. Service that is excellent, efficient, and dependable can be provided.

  1.  Nation Electric Singapore

Image Source: Nation Electric Singapore

ADDRESS42 Canberra Drive Yishun Sapphire Singapore 768434
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9738 4920

Nation Electric, founded in 2005, has provided high-quality electrical services to residential residences, businesses, stores, and commercial sites. Whatever your requirements are, their qualified electricians and technicians can repair all types of electrical problems and provide maintenance services in Singapore. 

Their Singapore electricians have over 15 years of experience in helping to address electrical difficulties. They provide emergency repair services and have the ability, abilities, professionalism, and organization to address your electrical problems quickly. According to a study of 150 recent clients, 98% were satisfied, very satisfied, or extremely delighted with the work they conducted at their location.

That brings us to the end of our list of the best power trip repairs in Singapore! Have you made a decision on the service you want? If you answered yes, please explain your decision and the features of their services that you value.

Speak with an advertising consultant from one of Singapore’s leading advertising organizations before finalizing your power trip repairs ideas. With a little planning, you can maximize your visibility!

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