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The Best 10 Aircon Repairs Providers in Singapore

Air conditioning is an important aspect of Singaporean life. We require cool and refreshing air to live comfortably all day. As a result, make sure that your air conditioners are serviced on a regular basis. Or the current issue is resolved as soon as possible. 

You may have professional staff from a reputable air conditioning service company visit to your home and correctly treat your ventilation system with only a phone call. To have things done swiftly and effectively, you may require a list of 10 reliable aircon servicing businesses in Singapore [updated 2022] on which to rely when necessary.

That has been done for you. Scan our Highlights, which are listed below, to identify a company that meets your requirements.

  1.  DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

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Image Source: DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

ADDRESS1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07B Singapore 169201
CONTACT DETAILS+65 8241 0032
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 9am-9pm daily

For a variety of reasons, DW Aircon has been regarded and acknowledged as the best air conditioner servicing company in Singapore for many years. They have consistently developed over the years and have remained one of the most sought-after reputable aircon servicing contractors in Singapore.

DW Aircon is a private limited firm with vast experience in air-conditioning system installation. During its ten years in the market, the company has successfully completed numerous complicated projects. The professionalism of their staff and the quality of job accomplished offer their consumers confidence.

Their organization offers a wide range of work of varying complexity. Their team consists of highly qualified individuals with a combined experience of ten years in the field. They have obtained vast expertise while handling the most challenging technological and organizational challenges, allowing them to give the finest service possible.


  • Fast Response on all channels
  • Licensed and Authorized
  • Excellent customer service and guarantee
  1.  Helpling

Vizan Sign

Image Source: Helpling

179B Telok Ayer Street, Level 3 Singapore 068627 
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 9am-9pm daily

Everything from arranging transportation to ordering food is now just a click away thanks to advances in technology. They believe that booking help for your house should be just as simple. That is why they developed Helpling. With a few clicks of your mouse, you may book a reputable local cleaning. And, while your house is being cleaned, you will have extra free time.

Things can get messy quickly in a tiny city state with 5.5 million residents. In early 2015, Helpling debuted its online cleaning platform in Singapore, and the first home was cleaned the very following day. The team is eager to make this cleaning service available to every home in Singapore and to provide Singaporeans with flexible career opportunities. As Helpling’s first Asian city, they anticipate even greater success in the future.

Helpling is a fast-growing startup based in the center of Berlin. Benedikt Franke and Philip Huffmann, the creators, required fewer than 80 days to bring their idea to market. Helpling started in Germany in April 2014, and two months later, the new online service was available in Austria, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Helpling is now available in over 150 cities and is the most extensively used platform for house cleaning.


  • Liability & Theft Insurance
  • Hotel-Quality Providers
  • Dedicated Customer Service

Customer Reviews

“”No housework means more time for work! So happy I didn’t have to mop and clean the house after back to back meetings. Thank you Helpling for making my house squeaky clean every week! – miss_luxe”

  1.  Luce Aircon

Image Source: Luce Aircon

ADDRESS100D Pasir Panjang Rd #05-03C Singapore 118520
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 9am-9pm daily

Their pleasant, well-trained, background-checked, bonded, and insured technicians. There are no monthly sign-ups! Their professional specialists are available whenever and wherever you require them. All of your air conditioning needs are met by their specialists, who have decades of experience repairing and diagnosing various types and brands of air conditioners. 

They take pleasure in continually delivering delight to their consumers. If things do not go as planned, they will do all in their power to resolve any concerns for you. All servicing appointments come with a 30-day workmanship warranty.


  • All types and brands of wall and ceiling aircons
  • 30-day worksmanship warranty!
  • Any kind of problem or issue

Customer Reviews

“”They have some of the best Aircon service technicians. Well trained, patient and good working attitude. Price is reasonable as well. – Ken Loy

  1.  Everyworks Singapore

Best View Media

Image Source: Everyworks Singapore

ADDRESS1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07, Singapore 169201
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 9am-9pm daily

Everyworks Singapore is a one-stop shop for all of your home maintenance needs. As an integrated home service provider, you can anticipate all of your home maintenance needs to be met with a WhatsApp message. Find and book appointments for a variety of home services at affordable pricing, with assured quality and outstanding customer service. Everyworks Singapore aspires to be the leading home services destination for all of your home maintenance requirements!

Enjoy a variety of home maintenance services on an one platform, saving you time from searching for other service providers. They will supply all of the information you require to better service your needs, based on transparency and trust. Their seamless and hassle-free service solutions will make hiring a home maintenance service provider easier. Turn to Everyworks home services and they will complete the task. You’ll have more time to do things you enjoy, so leave the rest to them. 

They can handle your home repair and maintenance difficulties with their spectrum of air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and handyman services. There is no need to schedule multiple service providers to appear at separate times.

  1.  Whissh


Image Source: Whissh

ADDRESS9 Tai Seng Link, #08-00, Lee King Hwa Building, Singapore 534053
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6221 8626
OPERATING HOURS9:00am-9:00pm daily

Whissh is a one-stop shop for home and workplace services. They aspire to transform and improve the quality of urban living as part of a worldwide investment project. Their stable of service firms and carefully selected collaborators strive to provide a comprehensive suite of quality, value, and trusted asset and facilities management services for homes and offices. Cleaning, disinfection, laundry, air-conditioning service, plumbing, electrical maintenance, and other services are available.

Whissh was established to reflect the aspirational lifestyle goals of well-heeled and discriminating individuals living in gateway cities throughout the world such as Singapore, London, and others. Whissh seeks to transform all into virtual Serviced Apartments, Homes, and Offices through new concepts and quality services. They strive to establish trusting relationships with their customers, service crew, employees, and other essential stakeholders. They are a preferred employer, cultivating a culture that emphasizes accountability, professionalism, dedication, work quality, and safety.


  • Quality of work
  • Service-oriented
  • Diligence
  1.  Goodcool Aircon

Image Source: Goodcool Aircon

ADDRESS8 Burn Rd, #15-13 Trivex, Singapore 369977
OPERATING HOURS9:00am-9:00pm daily

Their team of skilled aircon experts at Good Cool SG can repair aircon water leaking, aircon not chilling enough, strange noise and smell, and other issues. They have over 15 years of expertise in air conditioning servicing in Singapore. Their air conditioning services include standard air conditioning service, air conditioning chemical service, air conditioning chemical overhaul, and air conditioning condenser normal service. They also specialize in all brands of air conditioning installations, repair, and maintenance in Singapore.

They offer their customers expert and dependable air conditioning services. They offer air conditioning services at the most cheap costs. All of their air conditioning repairs and maintenance services come with a warranty.

  1.  SoCool

Image Source: SoCool

ADDRESS22 Sin Ming Ln, #06-76 Midview City, Singapore 573969 
CONTACT DETAILS6854 4956,6631 8348
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 9am-9pm daily is a well-known Singapore aircon servicing company that specializes in air conditioning servicing and repair. For years, they have provided unrivaled air conditioning service in the region with the goal of providing their consumers with a high-quality living. Their services are both dependable and effective since they use cutting-edge approaches and methodologies. They completely recognize that their customers’ needs and requirements differ hence, they have broadened their knowledge to include anything from air conditioning overhaul to chemical wash. Their goal is to make life easier for people they serve by providing them with contentment and convenience.

In Singapore’s humid climate, an aircon servicing company like is the finest thing that can happen to you. They are the finest air conditioning professionals you require! They will always be available to help you, no matter how serious your problem is. Whether you want to increase the functioning of your air conditioner or install a new unit in your business, their quality services will ensure that you have a great first-time experience! Their costs are not only low, but they always deliver the highest quality service to their customers. They offer a 90-day workmanship warranty.

  1.  Coolman Aircon

Koo Digital Signage

Image Source: Coolman Aircon

531A Upper Cross Street #04-95 Hong Lim Complex Singapore 051531
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9189 3509

They are a competent team of trusted contractors for numerous major air conditioning brands in Singapore. Their goal is to provide the greatest services to their customers so that they do not have to deal with frequent malfunctions. Their air conditioning service comes with a solid warranty. They consistently endeavor to deliver good value by providing high-quality services at reasonable pricing.

Their primary services include general air conditioning maintenance, chemical cleaning, and installation. Their expert and experienced professionals will ensure that all of their air conditioning servicing and installation work will benefit your air conditioners. Finally, they are committed to providing their clients with great, quick, and cost-effective services.

  1.  Xool Aircon Expert

Image Source: Xool Aircon Expert

ADDRESS60 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Techpark, 415979, Singapore
CONTACT DETAILS+65 6817 7862
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 9am-9pm daily

Air conditioning servicing was one of the most difficult places to find a dependable, clean, and efficient contractor. Their founders were frequently irritated by subpar performance from numerous home service contracts and air conditioning service companies. With a solid foundation in technology and a focus on customer experience, their founders founded Xool Industries to raise the standard and explore the industry’s possibilities. They are devoted to being the greatest service provider by resolving significant pain points for themselves and discriminating consumers.

We’re all busy, so they realize that you want the job done quickly, well, and to leave your property as clean as when They arrived, if not cleaner. Their team of two qualified, experienced technicians will do each service faster, cleaner, and with a grin!

They are committed to providing significantly more value for the same price as other market providers. They can do this since their website has the best appointment scheduling capability in the industry – you can choose a time and date, change or cancel it without phoning them. They pass on the cost savings and efficiency benefits to you!

  1.  AireControl

Image Source: AireControl

ADDRESS7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #07-57 Northstar @AMK, Singapore 569880
CONTACT DETAILS+65 9635 1139
OPERATING HOURSMon to Sun 9am-9pm daily

Their primary business is to provide professional air conditioning servicing, installation, and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. Because of their extensive experience, they are able to give their clients with quick, cost-effective, and competent service. Their promise to you is excellence in quality and service.

Their company has been in the air conditioning market for over 20 years, and their technical teams have extensive knowledge in a variety of air conditioning services. They are also actively training their technical teams in the most recent air conditioning technology. Their technological advancements enable them to perform highly sophisticated circuit board repair services that are rarely available in the market. In addition to technical competence, their technical and administrative professionals are trained in interpersonal skills to satisfy the needs of difficult customers.

That brings us to the end of our list of the best aircon repairs in Singapore! Have you made a decision on the service you want? If you answered yes, please explain your decision and the features of their services that you value.

Speak with an advertising consultant from one of Singapore’s leading advertising organizations before finalizing your aircon repairs ideas. With a little planning, you can maximize your visibility!

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