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The Best 10 Stock Trading Platform Providers in Hong Kong

Finding the best online brokerage is heavily influenced by your needs as an investor or trader. If you trade frequently and conduct your own research, a discount broker with low commissions is probably the best option. If you rely on outside research and investment advice, a full-service broker may be preferable.

Finding the best stock market platform as a Hong Kongese investor can be challenging. Obtaining those that accept Hong Kong stock traders and allow you to trade stocks on your iOS or Android device is especially important. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ve compiled a list of the best stock investment apps that will allow you to trade Growth stocks, Tech stocks, Small-cap, Mid-cap, and Large-cap stocks as a Hong Kong stock trader.

Here is a list of the top ten best stock trading platform in Hong Kong.

1.  Syfe

Image Source: Syfe

ADDRESS12102, 10/F, YF Life Tower, 33 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Syfe is a digital investment platform that is developing the next generation of financial solutions for Asian consumers. Syfe, which launched in July 2019, aims to transform the way people manage their money by making high-quality financial services affordable and accessible to all. Syfe is an all-in-one platform that enables everyday investors to grow their wealth in a simple, smart, and cost-effective manner.

They provide personalized portfolios to help users achieve their long-term financial goals. After account opening, there are no minimum investment amounts, and the platform charges a low annual fee of 0.35% of the total amount invested.

Syfe conducts business in Hong Kong through Syfe Hong Kong Limited, which is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission (License No. BRQ741) to provide relevant investment services under Types 1 (Dealing in Securities), 4 (Advising on Securities), and 9 (Asset Management).


  • Fully-managed, automated portfolios for your different investment needs
  • No minimum balance, no lock-in, low fees
  • 5 Thematic Portfolios built from best-in-class ETFs from world’s leading asset managers

2.  Futu Securities Account

Image Source: Futu Securities Account

ADDRESSUnit C1-2, 13F, United Centre, No. 95 Queensway, Admiralty, HK
CONTACT DETAILS+852 2523 3588

They are a Fintech Unicorn and Asia’s top-ranked online broker, offering one-stop online investing services and experience. Futu, which is registered with Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (CE No. AZT137), redefines online brokerage services in Hong Kong and Mainland China with their leading internet and financial technology, while also improving customer experience and driving industrial innovation, backed by independent technological R&D capabilities on the entire trading process and their creative internet operating model.

Their investing platform Futubull provides Hong Kong, Mainland China, and US stock market market data, trading services, and news feeds. Until now, Futubull users have not only received a superior all-in-one investing service from Futu, but have also gained trading knowledge and skills from the community.


  • Accurate interpretation of indicators for analysis
  • Comprehensive investment tools, self-developed intelligent tracking function to lock the market stocks
  • Direct connection to Hong Kong and US exchanges to get a better transaction prices

3.  SoFi Hong Kong Brokerage

Image Source: SoFi Hong Kong Brokerage

ADDRESSSoFi Hong Kong 21/F, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street Central, Hong Kong
+852 2693 8888

At SoFi, they believe in empowering anyone and everyone to make money. That is why they strive to be the most user-friendly and transparent investing app in Hong Kong. They use technology to give you greater control over your finances, allowing you to truly unleash your inner investor. They will become a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq on June 1, 2021. SoFi is embarking on an exciting new chapter. They will use the power of the public markets to accelerate growth for their members. SoFi shares can be traded via the SoFi app!

The robo advisor at SoFi. It is never asleep. It never ends. It only ever tries to make you money. Auto Invest invests your money in a diversified portfolio using AI technology, taking into account how much risk you want to take. All you have to do now is sit back and watch your money grow.


  • No commissions fees on trades
  • Trade over 15,000 US and Hong Kong stocks and ETFs
  • SoFi Points Rewards Program: earn points and exchange for free shares

4.  Interactive Brokers

Image Source: Interactive Brokers

ADDRESS40-02A, Asia Square Tower 1, 8 Marina View, Singapore 018960.
CONTACT DETAILS1 (888) 919-0022

Clients in over 200 countries and territories use a single unified platform to trade stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, funds, and other assets on 150 global markets. When you place your money with a broker, you must ensure that the broker is secure and can withstand both good and bad times. IBKR and their clients are protected from large trading losses by their strong capital position, conservative balance sheet, and automated risk controls.

Simply use your mobile device to trade global stocks, options, and ETFs. Their web-based Event Contract trading platform enables investors to trade on their knowledge or opinion about a specific question with a “yes or no” outcome. Their flagship desktop platform is designed for active traders and investors who trade a variety of products and need power and flexibility.


  • Global online brokerage operating in 135 markets, 33 countries and 23 currencies worldwide
  • IBKR’s award-winning platform rated #1 Best Online Broker by Barron’s, 4 years in a row
  • Transparent, low commissions, global access, and premier trading technology

5.  Charles Schwab, Hong Kong, Ltd.

Image Source: Charles Schwab, Hong Kong, Ltd.

ADDRESSCharles Schwab, Hong Kong, Ltd. Rooms 602-606, Gloucester Tower, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
CONTACT DETAILS+852-2101-0511

Their Financial Consultants, tools, and resources are all available to provide insight into American market trends. They can work together to help you understand the US market and achieve your financial goals.

There is no comparison. Among Hong Kong banks and brokers, Schwab has the lowest rates. In addition, they provide a Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • No platform fees and no custodian fees
  • Average Savings Per Order: US$27.68*
  • Get expert support from a dedicated Financial Consultant

6.  WeLab GoWealth

Image Source: WeLab GoWealth

CONTACT DETAILS+852 3898 6988

They offer different goal planning options to fit your financial needs, whether you have a specific goal in mind or not. You can also invest every month to benefit from dollar cost averaging and reduce the impact of market timing on your investment. The investment portfolio of GoWealth includes actively managed mutual funds that are diverse across asset classes.

The fund managers are all from top global asset management firms with global investment expertise, risk management capabilities, and sustainable investing expertise (ESG). The solution aims to help customers capitalize on market opportunities.


  • Invest in your dreams in just 3 steps. Set. Track. Goal. All in one app.
  • Reach your financial goals on autopilot, GoWealth digital wealth advisory turns your financial dreams into reality.
  • Transparent fee structure, with no hidden fee. Low investment barrier, start investing with HK$100, no lock-up period

7.  FSM Trading

Image Source: FSM Trading

ADDRESSUnit A-D, 3/F, West Gate Tower, 7 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

The Financial School of Management was founded to provide financial education to those in need. They understand that finance was never taught in schools, despite the fact that it is an essential component of their daily lives. They strive to lower this barrier by providing their customers with up-to-date financial news, as well as courses and teaching materials. FSM is divided into two sections, FSM Academy and FSM Trading.

FSM Trading focuses on education, offering both face-to-face and online courses on all aspects of trading and investing. Their expert traders teach how to trade the financial markets, with a strong emphasis on Forex, as well as how to invest in cryptocurrencies and stocks and shares. They also provide assistance to those interested in learning how to trade and invest through their frequent chart analysis and investment tips. FSM Trading’s goal is to improve and enhance anyone’s trading and investment capacity, from beginner to advanced.

Their team includes some of the best investors and traders. They have not only managed large accounts for themselves, but they have also managed client accounts worth more than six figures.


  • Gain access to over 280 corporate, sovereign and newly issued bonds.
  • To enhance the synergy of your investment, we offer zero-cost transfer of stocks, ETFs and other assets to your FSM account.

8.  E-Trade Brokerage

Image Source: E-Trade Brokerage


E*TRADE was the first to offer online trading to retail investors, and it is now part of Morgan Stanley, a leading global financial services firm known for the quality of its wealth management, investment advisory services, research, and market insights. They were founded in the early 1980s when a physicist and inventor devised a method for retail investors to place trades online.

This was the first online transaction sent to an exchange, paving the way for all main street investors to control their own investments online without the assistance of a human broker. Today, E*TRADE focuses on providing a first-rate experience for the digitally savvy investor and trader.


  • Step-by-step guide to trading at E*TRADE
  • Enjoy $0 commissions on online US-listed stock, ETF, and options trades with no account minimums.
  • As the original place to invest online, E*TRADE knows a thing or two about how to make online investing as easy as possible.

9.  Chief Securities Brokerage

Image Source: Chief Securities Brokerage


CHIEF and Hong Kong people have experienced the era of great wheels, and has become a financial services conglomerate that strives to provide quality services in securities, futures, and wealth management, as well as to build a great professional team. They design your investment portfolios with professionalism, innovation, and sincerity in accordance with the global financial field. Hong Kong stocks, global securities, futures, options, Shanghai and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, insurance, funds, bonds, structured products, global property purchase, and more are available to assist clients in achieving their financial goals.

Wealth management and brokerage, asset management, corporate finance, financial advisory, overseas property purchase, and mortgage referral are all part of an integrated wealth management model designed to meet their clients’ diverse needs. Professional mobile phone applications created with cutting-edge technology, trading hotlines answered by specialists, and investment and financial management centers located throughout the country. All of this comes together to form an online-offline integrated trading system that adheres to the user’s current preferences. The platform can also connect trading and services, completely elevating and optimizing the client experience.


Image Source:

ADDRESS1/F, 2 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

The company believes that cryptocurrency can break through the limitations of the traditional financial system, creating endless opportunities and leading everyone to a bright future beyond limits.’s name represents its support and recognition of multiple cryptocurrencies. It also represents the company’s goal of becoming the world’s leading provider of crypto services.

Furthermore,’s mission is to create a community that connects and allows mutual development among its clients. They are not constrained by the actions of financial intermediaries because they are not concerned with monetary inflation.


  • Customers can do cryptocurrency trading, deposit and withdrawal anytime
  • Covered across 12 countries and is the first ATM operator to support Dogecoin in Hong Kong
  • Co-founder and cryptocurrency expert Louis will hold more than 10 cryptocurrency seminars each month

That brings us to the end of our list of the best stock trading platform in Hong Kong! Have you made a decision on the service you want? If you answered yes, please explain your decision and the features of their services that you value.

Speak with an advertising consultant from one of Hong Kong’s leading advertising agencies before finalizing your stock trading platform ideas. With a little planning, you can maximize your visibility!

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